• Pavilion Court Royale

    Jaypee Greens Pavilion Court Royale Apartments

    Pavilion Court Royale elevates you in a realm beyond luxury.

    Kasablanca Tower

    Jaypee Greens - Kasablanca Towers

    Jaypee Greens introduces Kasablanca towers...

    Kristal Court

    Jaypee Greens Kristal Court Apartments

    Be one of the select few to own a breathtaking view...

    Boomerang Residences

    Jaypee Greens Boomerang Residences Apartments

    Welcome to the epitome of luxury. Welcome to...

    Garden Isles

    Jaypee Greens Garden Isles Apartments

    Jaypee Greens-Garden Isles are unique Y shaped...

    Pebble Court

    Jaypee Greens Pebble Court Apartments

    Jaypee Greens Pebble Court - the lifestyle...

  • The Orchards

    Jaypee Greens Orchards Apartments

    Jaypee Greens The Orchards, luxurious Golf apartments will...

    Krescent Homes

    Jaypee Greens Krescent Apartments

    Krescent Homes brings to you a delightful living with outstanding...

    Kube - The Luxury Apartments

    Jaypee Greens Kube Luxury Apartments

    Jaypee Greens, Kube is developed as a community inspired...

    Knight's Court

    Jaypee Greens Knights Court Apartments

    Knight's Court Apartments in Wishtown Noida are custom-made for...

    Kasa Isles

    Jaypee Greens Kasa Isles Apartments

    Reside in an exotic isle of luxury and beauty. The Kasa Isles is an...

    Kensington Boulevard

    Jaypee Greens Kensington Boulevard Apartments

    Feast your eyes at a dreamscape at the Kensington Boulevard community...

  • Kensington Park Apartments & Heights

    Jaypee Greens Kensington Park Apartments

    Resplendent with beautifully...


    Jaypee Greens Kosmos Apartments

    We believe that good living is as much as a state of mind as...

    Wish Town Klassic

    Jaypee Greens Wish Town Klassic Apartments

    Wish Town Klassic is a new gated community at Jaypee Greens...

    Klassic Heights

    Jaypee Greens Klassic Heights Apartments

    Wishtown Klassic Heights brings you the residential gated...

    Pavilion Heights

    Jaypee Greens Pavilion Heights Apartments

    Surrounded by green open spaces and natural tranquility...

    The Pavilion Court

    Jaypee Greens Pavilion Court Apartments

    Welcome to the world of modern living, where everyone desires to live...

  • The Kalypso Court

    Jaypee Greens Kalypso Court Apartments

    The Kalypso Court at Jaypee Greens Noida are masterfully...

    The Imperial Court

    Jaypee Greens Imperial Court Apartments

    Towering testimony to the efficiency of modern lifestyle, The Imperial Court...

    Tiara Tower

    Jaypee Greens Tiara Tower

    An embodiment of luxury, Jaypee Greens...

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